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Between 1974 and 2000, Ingrid Naiman was constantly on the lecture circuit, traveling to Europe and Australia as well as countless places in North America. In 1990, she was away 45 weekends as well as many weekdays. There are more than 100 different lectures that have been presented in anything as short as a keynote address for a banquet to ten-day master's classes and seminars. All these talks are now regarded as "archival" — meaning that while available, they are no longer available in state of the art formats and except for the three below, there is often a lag time between ordering and shipping.

The longer-term plan is to replace these lectures with new digital recordings, to be made available as podcasts and on CDs. The recordings listed below were taped live in the late 1990s so thought "archival" they contain much of ongoing relevance even though only available on older recording formats.

Adrenal Exhaustion Audio Cassettes by Ingrid Naiman

Adrenal Exhaustion Audio Cassette Set
Lecture by Ingrid Naiman for Whole Life Expo

In this era of constant pressure to adapt to both environmental stressors as well as the tyrannies the mind imposes on matter, many of the most talented people on the Planet are chronically fatigued and/or allergic to a host of foods and contaminants that undermine their love of life. This lecture offers practical advice for regaining stamina and stability and finding support for one's expression in the world.

Contains: Two audio cassettes, approximately 2.5 hours. Recorded in Toronto, 1999.

Taste and the Elements - 6 hour seminar by Ingrid Naiman

Kitchen Doctor, four 90-minute audio cassettes

The energetic system—fire, earth, air, and water—is discussed in this seminar on "Taste and Elements." Every person is born with a basic constitutional type. It is through an understanding of the idiosycracies of the type that proper managment of the symptoms related to imbalance can achieved. Early symptoms are usually non-pathological and relatively easily adjusted through diet and herbs and modest life style changes. Every single thing we do, everything we eat, as well as who we think and feel, affects balance.

Contains: four 90-minute audio cassettes in vinyl album.


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