The bottles shown here are absolutely free but they will only be shipped with orders of $30 or more. Since the bottles do add to the shipping weight, this weight will be factored into your shipping charge. Most of these bottles have been used once, generally for samples of herbal extracts. The labels have been removed and the bottles have been cleaned and run through a dishwasher without any other items in the washer. However, it is recommended that you clean them thoroughly before use. A few of the bottles may be brand new but no records were kept of which might be new and which have been used. There is a limit of six free bottles per order.


Dropper for 4 oz. Bottle, new

These droppers are new and fit the 4 oz. bottles.


Used Amber Glass Bottle, 2 oz.

These bottles have most likely been used. The labels have been removed and the bottles have been washed. They are free, but there is a limit of six per order with a minimum order of $30.


Used Amber Glass Bottles, 4 oz.

These are standard Boston Round amber bottles, typical of what is used by aromatherapists and herbalists. They have been used once either for herbal extracts or essential oils. The labels have been removed and the bottles have been cleaned. Every effort will be made to supply caps or droppers that fit correctly. These are free with orders over $30 but there is a limit of six bottles per order.


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