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Herbs for Adrenal Exhaustion

Adrenal Herbs are used to support stamina and endurance, nourish depletion due to stress and overactive kidneys, and pacify allergic tendencies.

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Essential Oils and Diffuser

Therapeutic grade essential oils can be diffused or added to personal care products such as shampoo, lotion, liquid soaps, or roll on deodorants or cremes. A few are suitable for occasional internal use in very tiny quantities, such as a single drop in a glass of water.

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Ingrid Naiman is the author of a book on botanical cancer treatments and she has developed an extensive line of products based on historical approaches to cancer, factors that aggravate the tendency towards cancer or impede the ability to heal.

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Gall Bladder Flush

Many people suffer from irregularity, intestinal gas, parasites, constipation, diarrhea, and countless other colon problems such as slow transit time due to poor peristalsis. Ultimately, these problems take their toll and diminish the ability of the body to regenerate properly.

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Herbs for Detoxification

In a world of processed, devitalized, and contaminated foods, countless people are suffering from pH imbalances, toxins, useless or dangerous food additives, and disorders of the liver and blood. Alkalizing and detoxifying herbs can alleviate not just physiological symptoms but irritability, impulsiveness, and anger.

Herbs for Men

Herbs for men address issues of libido, virility, fertility, and health of the male reproductive system. In these xenoestrogenic times, issues of sexual development or normal hormone balance are a concern to some mothers as well as boys and men.


Herbs for Women

Women's bodies are very complex. There are two major life changes: puberty and the Menopause, and there are monthly cycles in which the dominance of hormones alternates. There are countless factors interferring with emotional and physical comfort. Herbs can help!

Gall Bladder Flush

The formation of gallstones is usually due to fundamental constitutional imbalances; therefore, the tendency to form more stones will persist. Periodic use of gall bladder herbs combined with periodic flushes will tend to prevent pain and crises.

Natural Hair Care

We offer a select number of shampoo and conditioner products as well as hair oils. Our goal is to provide safe and wholesome personal care products, but we admit a slight bias towards products with a cultural history such as those using black cumin oil and products based on Ayurvedic medical traditions.

Herbs for Immune Enhancement

Most herbs do not attack microorganisms directly. Rather they provide nutrients that support the functioning of white blood cells and protect these precious cells from the toxins they ingest. Some herbs also nourish the bone marrow and/or spleen and aid in the production of new blood cells.

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In response to visitor interest, Sacred Medicine Sanctuary often adds new products, sometimes formulated by Ingrid Naiman, sometimes sourced from other reputable producers. They are always the highest quality available.

Herbs for Toxic Metal Chelation

Toxic metals may enter the system through exposure to hazardous dental materials, but many pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines also contain dangerous substances. Consumption of fish, use of aluminum cookware and containers all compound the risks.

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Parasite Herbs

Parasites can enter the body through food that is ingested or insect bites or contact with an infected individual or animal. In these perilous times, periodic parasite cleanses make implicit sense.

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Rasayana herbs comprise a small number of plants that have traditionally been used for regeneration, rejuvenation, and longevity in India and Sri Lanka.

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We have dashmool, Essiac, lymphatic cleaning teas, tulsi teas, masala chai, and much more. Check it out.


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