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All oils here are the finest quality available in the aromatherapy world. Some of the oils can be taken internally or used in salad dressings or other culinary preparations. A few oils should not be taken internally, even in small amounts. The red line on our label is warning not to ingest the oil.

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Pine Essential Oil, organic, 5 ml., Ecocert

Pinus sylvestris

Source: France

Pine oil is steam distilled from the needles of Scotch pine trees. The essential oil is uplifting and refreshing and can play an important part in steam inhalation therapy and air freshening blends. It combines well with citrus oils and lavender. Its properties are similar to other oils used to deodorize and purify air; however, it has also been researched as an anti-cancer agent, especially breast cancer, and as an antifungal agent. It was effective at concentrations as low as 2.5%. It is suggested that pine is blended with other essential oils such as bergamot and lavender. It can be diffused, used as a steam inhalant, or misted.

Contents: certified organic steam distilled essential oil of Pinus sylvestris needles.




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