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Shipping Options

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary tries to accommodate the shipping requirements of both domestic and foreign customers. The shopping cart allows for various shipping selections, but if special circumstances warrant, arrangements for express handling can be made.

Because many items sent by post are irradiated, we prefer to use Federal Express for most orders. This is preferable when the order is fragile, valuable, or intended to benefit health. However, Federal Express is not practical for all destinations and circumstances so options for shipping via post are offered.

Domestic Shipments

We are shipping from Washington State. In general, this means that West Coast destinations take 1-2 days to arrive regardless of whether expedited shipping is used or not. The time in transit is roughly the same for both the post and FedEx. For East Coast delivery addresses, the post takes 2-3 days but FedEx Ground takes a week. If faster delivery is required, express options can be arranged.


We generally use Priority Mail unless other arrangements have been made. This can be handled via email. Please be sure when providing the delivery address that is a valid address and one recognized by the post office. If in doubt, check other mail to be sure the format you are using conforms to the postal code.


The shopping cart does not allow you to specify express services. However, these services are available by special arrangement. Please make such requests via email.

FedEx Ground:

Usually overnight to Washington, Oregon, and Northern California and a week to the East Coast. Please note that Home Delivery (residential addresses) operates on Saturdays but not Mondays. Delivery to business addresses is Monday through Friday.

FedEx Express:

There are three express services. All require special arrangements for pick up. The request must be received by 11:00 am Pacific Time in order to ship the day of the request. Express services operate Monday through Friday.

Super Saver: guaranteed within three business days

Two Day: delivered in two business days unless there is some unforeseen problem such as flooding or weather. Delivery can be faster if the destination is closer.

Overnight: is an overnight service but some rural areas are not readily reached overnight. If the weather is bad, overnight deliveries are subject to delay despite the charges made by FedEx.


International Shipments

We try to meet all legitimate needs of the recipient, but it is the customer's responsibility to determine applicable regulations for the destination country. These vary tremendously so if in doubt, please inquire before finalizing your order.

For instance, anything containing more than 2% honey will be confiscated by New Zealand customs. Anything containing orange peels is confiscated by Australian customs. Some countries return the shipments at the expense of the shipper, some seize the shipments. These are rare occurrences but foreign customers should check before assuming that there will not be a problem.


Customs duties are to be paid by the recipient. Sometimes, there are brokerage fees in addition to duties. These are also to be paid by the recipient.


These orders are sent via Priority Mail without insurance and usually take 4-7 days, but orders have been known to take in excess of a month. More valuable shipments should go via Express Mail or FedEx. Though there are tracking numbers on postal shipments, not all countries interface with the U.S. Postal Service so once leaving the U.S., tracking may or may not be possible.


FedEx provides a variety of services and is generally reliable. Delivery to metropolitan areas is often overnight, even to places like London and Tokyo. However, delays are possible and we have no control over these. The rates for shipments vary tremendously, not just country to country but rural areas can be much more expensive than metropolitan addresses. For this reason, we need to handle all such shipping arrangements via email.




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