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Sacred Medicine Sanctuary offers a comprehensive line of herbal products and essential oils of the highest quality possible in our world today. The essential oils all have new labels and now we are introducing new labels for everything else, over 100 products. To make this go as fast as possible, we are offering a one time special with 20% discounts on everything with the old label. The quantities are very limited, anything from a single bottle to perhaps 15 units. To the left, you see the new label for the herbs offering support for those suffering from mold exposure. There are different labels for different single herbs and blends. We will be proudly displaying the new labels as they arrive. Nothing here is expired or out-of-date because we went through mandatory label changes less than a year ago.



Tulsi Ear Oil

Tulsi Ear Oil, 1 oz.
Ocimum sanctum

Tulsi Ear Oil was formulated in response to research showing that pillows were found to have aspergillus mold after 18 months or less of use. Many people have itchy ears or other unpleasant sensations. Tulsi is very calming but this oil may stimulate reactions in the sinuses and throughout the head for 20-30 minutes after use. This is why it is suggested that people do not use the oil simultaneously in both ears.

Alcohol: none

Contains: proprietary blend of Verbascum thapsus flower in organic cold pressed olive oil with essential oil of holy basil.


Sacred Medicine Sanctuary
Poulsbo, Washington

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