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According to the providers of the best-known version of the formula, "all four herbs normalize body systems by purifying the blood, promoting cell repair, and aiding effective assimilation and elimination. When combined, their separate beneficial effects are synergistically enhanced."


Coffee/Tea Press, 4 cups

These presses can be used to make exquisite coffee or tea by pouring water over freshly ground coffee beans or loose leaf tea. They can also be used to filter out the bulk of the particulates when making medicated oils or your herbal extracts.

Contains: This unit is made of glass with stainless steel press attached to the lid. It is dishwasher safe.


Tea Ball Infuser with Tray

This is a small infuser for making a single cup of tea. It comes with a tray to catch the tea that leaks from inside. It is made of stainless steel.

Contains: stainless steel infuser with tray.


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Poulsbo, Washington

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